NDC USA branch salutes Pres. Mahama

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) United States of America( USA) Chapter has congratulated President John Dramani Mahama for the overwhelming support and confidence the party has reposed in him.

“The popular endorsement by the party and the grassroots machinery is an indication of his good leadership and how his agenda is changing lives.This endorsement is a vindication of his transformative leadership”, it said.

This was contained in a statement issue in the USA and copied to The Ghanaian Times.

“As the leader of the party, President Mahama has helped restructure and strengthen the membership of the party through the successful completion of the biometric registration and expansion of the electoral college at all levels of the party. This tangible exercise will give us the peace and transparency that the party needs to launch a successful campaign”, it said.

The statement said the NDC has exemplified to the rest of the world and the country in particular, how to use the popular votes in the primaries to elect presidential and parliamentary candidates. This is a testament that, the party values grassroot participation in determining who runs for the highest office of the land.

“This is democracy at the lowest level of the chain and we are proud of it because primary voters have spoken loud and clear by giving an overwhelming support to our candidate, President John Mahama”, it said.

The statement said the voice of the people is the voice of God, and the mandate to the leader is a clear mandate from the people in Ghana, ensuring that a peaceful nation must be led by a peaceful leader who fears God and respects the voice of the people.

It said the troubles in the opposition camp is a clear message of worse things to come and appealed to all members of the party and sympathisers as well as well wishers to join the rank and file and support the party, where there is peace and tranquility for the progress of Ghana.

“The only person apart from the former heads of states, who know what it is like to be a president, is President John Mahama. So, for those who do not understand what it takes to be president but only criticise everything the President does should not be taken seriously. These individuals cannot even work in harmony with members of their own party, let alone lead a nation like Ghana.

“NDC USA chapter fully endorses and supports the President and his agenda for the country. We shall continue to build a stronger coalition for the party abroad leading the way to victory, come 2016″, it said.

The statement commended the party’s leadership for conducting the primaries in an excellent transparent, mature and successful manner from the registration to election which was historic and worth emulating by other political parties in the country.

“Candidates from various constituencies have shown their love for the party by conducting political differences in a fair and progressive manner without resulting in negative contrast from one another which had placed value on the rule of law and democracy” it said.

The statement said it was an essential ingredient in partisan politics which should inspire unity of purpose and should be admired from the time the leadership of the party decided to expand the Electoral College to give voice to the people than to a few delegates.

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