NDC Needs Rejuvenation — Lee Ocran

leeA former Minister of Education and an aspirant for the vice chairmanship of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Lee Ocran, asserts the party urgently needs to be rejuvenated to properly position it ahead of the 2016 general elections.

Mr. Ocran believed that the NDC needs new leaders with fresh ideas to restore the party to its glorious days, claiming, “the party is now in turbulent waters”.

Mr. Ocran, who is also a former Ghanaian High Commissioner in Johannesburg, made the recommendation during an exclusive interview with The Ghanaian Times on Wednesday.

He contended that the current leadership of the party has lost touch with the grassroots and this could be its Achilles heels in the next elections.

“The grounds are not good for us, our members feel neglected, some of them tell us nobody seem to care about them after the 2012 general elections.”

Mr. Ocran said one of the major problems has been the lack of information flowing from the party’s hierarchy to the ordinary members.

According to him there was the need to urgently re-establish the culture of comradeship, which has been the hallmark of the party, noting that, “as a party, we have our tradition, beliefs and the way we do things.”

Mr. Ocran, also a former Member of Parliament for Jomoro, therefore called on the party’s delegates to vote for people who would re-direct the NDC to these core beliefs.

“The party was formed on the principles of selflessness, patriotism and service to the people,” he emphasised, adding that, “we eschew greed, selfishness and unacceptable behaviour”.

According to him these tendencies seem to be creeping into the NDC and there was the need to curb them.

He therefore, called on party faithful to help bring in experienced people to bring back on track confidence in the government and the grassroots.

Quizzed on whether the current crop of national leaders were not competent enough, since they had already led the party to two successful electoral victories in 2008 and 2012, he answered that “elections are not won by those at the helm of affairs”.

He said what the party needed most was a sense of renewal: “Who says fatigue cannot set in after these victories, leading to complacency during the next elections”.

According to him, the December 13, NDC national congress would only not aim at rejecting those at the helm of affairs but would rather inject new ideas and personalities.

“As a party we need to introduce new ways of doing things because times have changed.

He said he was in the race because he had once been a national vice chairman of the party at the most difficult time when it had lost power and went into the political wilderness (2001 – 2006).

He was also a member of the Re-organisation Committee when the NDC lost the 2000 general elections.

Furthermore, he has been the chairman of the party’s Manifesto Committee since 2004.

Mr. Ocran is currently the chairman of the Volta River Authority.

By Ian Motey

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