NDC National Chairman Clears Air

kwabena-adjeiThe Chairman of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr. Kwabena Adjei has denied claims that he is predicting doom for the party’s upcoming national delegates’ congress.

A press statement he issued on Friday suggested that the NDC’s congress may be chaotic considering the recent court cases which characterised the party’s just ended regional congresses.

In the statement, he also observed that the outcome of the election could be influenced by some rich contestants, saying, “the situation is anticipated to be even worse than what happened in Koforidua in 2005 if what I pick from the grapevine has any atom of truth”.

But speaking on the Eyewitness news on Friday, Mustapha Ghandi, spokesperson for Dr. Kwabena Adjei, insists that his boss was only cautioning delegates to be circumspect and not allow themselves to be influenced with money.

“Categorically, he [Kwabena Adjei] has stated that there have been these grapevine that people are going to use resources to influence the election, people are going to use macho men to influence the election and he is cautioning as the chairman of the party that if there is anybody that has been harbouring that intention which will not bring a peaceful election in the party to desist from it,” Mustapha explained.

He insists that an individual’s behaviour or act can cause violence within the party, and so “he is urging delegates to eschew such acts since it does not auger well for the party”.

Meanwhile, the party has postponed its national delegates congress to December 20 at Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

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