‘NDC must elect committed executives’

THE United Cadres’ Front (UCF) an affiliate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has urged delegates to vote for aspirants of merit and commitment in the forthcoming constituency, regional and national conferences of the party.

This, it explained was because the party needed men and women capable of steering its affairs in order to prepare adequately and win the 2016 general elections.

The UCF made the assertion in a statement issued in Accra, yesterday and signed by its general secretary, Efanam Felix Nyaku.

“The Front is highly convinced that the task ahead of the party is surmountable if the elections are taken seriously to elect officers who are bent on carrying on and deepening the basic tenets of probity, transparency, integrity and accountability that have been the pillars of the NDC’s mobilization and organisational efforts since 1992” the statement said.

Adding that , “there is little doubt that the structures of the party are either non-functional or non-existent; it is also true that the proverbial ’singing the same hymn and reading from the same page’ that characterized the revolutionary era has been lost on the party such that there is little sign of central direction”.

“We cannot run away from the fact that infiltration of individuals and groups for power, recognition and economic gains has broken our collective front by planting factionalism, individualism and personalization to the point that the great NDC has almost lost its vim, and dynamism”.

According to the statement, such negativities have had serious organisational consequences by way of inactivity of the structures and offices of the party at all levels, therefore affecting its attraction.

It reminded those who have the mantle to take part at every level of the elections to vote according to their conscience and personal conviction — devoid of any underhand dealings so that the right people would be elected.

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