NDC can’t ignore Rawlings—Boakye-Djan

Osahene Boakye-Djan

Osahene Boakye-Djan

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) must aim at building its structures beyond individuals to ensure the continued existence of the party when such individuals are no more, the former spokesperson of the erstwhile Armed Forces Revolution Council (AFRC), Major (Rtd) Kwadwo Boakye-Djan has stated.
“History in the country has shown that once you personalise a political party and the key person dies, he dies with the party.”

“Kwame Nkrumah died and the Convention People’s Party (CPP) is wallowing in the gutter. Limann died and the People’s National Convention (PNC) is struggling, so we should be careful not to personalise an institution that will survive as long as history in the interest of renewing our society,” he noted.

Maj. (Rtd) Boakye-Djan pointed out that he has nothing against Rawlings and explained that the “NDC should do well to draw people to its core values than personalising individuals since it doesn’t make me believe that we will survive as a party if the founder dies.”

He indicated that it was time members of the party had a re-orientation to have the values of accountability, probity, and social justice as a guide as it has been trumpeted by former President Rawlings.

Maj. (Rtd), however, disagreed with individuals who have said that the party has overgrown its founder and should be sidelined and rather the party must not depart from the foundation on which it was built.

“Though I must affirm to the public that the party was founded on the basis of sacrifice and social justice, we also have to keep in mind that times have changed and these changes call for new ways of doing things.
“A responsibility should not be tasked with the leadership alone but those at the grass roots as well as to enable us to come back strongly in the next general election in 2020,” he cautioned.

Maj. (Rtd) insisted “political parties are not formed with the sole aim of eradicating corruption but rather to win power to improve all aspects of the society including corruption.” –classfmonline.com

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