NCCE schools disabled on voting procedures

Mr.Samuel Akuamoah,Deputy Chairman,NCCE

Mr.Samuel Akuamoah,Deputy Chairman,NCCE

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) is urging every person with physical disability, qualified to vote, to make sure that they turn out in their numbers to exercise their civic responsibility on voting day.

Mr. Arthur Wilson, the Deputy Ashanti Regional Director, said this was a right nobody could take away from them and something the Commission would go to every length to make sure it was respected.

He said it would work closely with all stakeholders to remove every barrier and promote their full participation in the coming election.

He was speaking at a public education forum organised by the Millennium Child Support Group, an NGO, to help dial down political tension as the nation inched closer to the general polls.

This was done with support from STAR Ghana, a multi-donor pooled financing mechanism.

‘Save women and children from electoral violence in election 2016′ was the theme chosen for the event.

Mr. Wilson reminded all to accept to play it fair and to conduct themselves responsibly to remove needless tension.

He advised the people to be guided by their conscience in the choice they made on voting day and vote for people, who would bring development to them and transform their living conditions.

He said despite the Commission’s logistical constraints, it would do everything to reach everybody and aid them to live up to their civic responsibility.


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