NCCE: Parties must abide by rules of elections

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has asked the political parties and their supporters to accept to play by the rules of decency and fairness to keep down the political temperature.

Mr. Samuel Akuamoah, the acting National Chairman, said the resort to mischief and deception were not the right thing for anybody to do and must be avoided.

He was speaking at a day’s workshop held for political party youth activists in the Tafo-Pankrono constituency in Kumasi, which has been identified as one of the election flashpoints.

The goal was to talk them out of acts of misconduct, lawlessness and political violence.

The programme, organised by the Commission with support from the European Union (EU) provided the platform to educate the participants on the electoral laws and the political parties’ code of conduct.

Mr. Akuamoah cautioned against insults, name calling and peddling untruths about political opponents to make them look bad and said that was unhelpful to the growth of the nation’s democracy.

He also spoke of the need for all to support the Electoral Commission (EC) to conduct a credible election, the outcome would be incontestable.

That he said, entailed, avoiding anything likely to erode public confidence in the constitutional body mandated to manage elections in the country.

The unjustified criticism, castigation and unfounded allegations against the EC should stop, he said, adding that, all should be measured in everything they said about the EC.

He asked that the parties focused their election campaign on message to help voters to make informed choices.

Mr. Alhassan Yakubu, Ashanti Regional NCCE Director, told the youth not to deface posters of political opponents and said that offended the law.

They should be tolerant and show respect for views different from what they held, he added.




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