NCCE hasn’t breached any law — MP

Mr. George Loh

Mr. George Loh

The Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs, George Loh, has stated that the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), has not erred by taking the initiative to organise a presidential and parliamentary dialogue for candidates ahead of the November polls.

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) on Thursday heavily criticised the NCCE for announcing that it will also organise debates ahead of the November polls.

According to the IEA, a civil society organisation which has been hosting such debates over the years, the NCCE lacks the capacity and credibility to organise such an event.

It has further urged the NCCE to instead focus on its core mandate of educating the public on their civic responsibilities.

But the North Dayi legislator said the NCCE is not deviating from its core mandate by deciding to organise such debates.

“I don’t think the NCCE has erred by deciding to organise debates this year…If the debates are aimed at ensuring that we have the requisite knowledge of the constitution, that we have the requisite loyalty and competencies to ensure that our rights are not abused, if they are aimed at achieving that, then they are operating within the law,” he said.

“Is helping presidential candidates engage with the people not part of the NCCE’s mandate? As long as the candidates will participate in it, it doesn’t matter who organises the debates,” Mr. Loh added.

He however emphasised the need for the creation of a credible platform that will give all parties an opportunity to debate.

The NCCE has admonished the IEA to stop creating confusion over the appropriate institution adequately resourced to organise presidential and parliamentary debates in the country.

Mr. Samuel Akuamoah, Deputy Commissioner at the NCCE argued that the Commission has a broad mandate.

“It is not a fight; it is not a confrontation between the NCCE and IEA. Maybe it is a kind of misunderstanding, maybe a kind of miscommunication that has gone on and I believe we should not carry it over,” he said.

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