National Job Summit Launched

A National Job Summit, to brainstorm on job-creation and create avenues for work, particularly for the youth and graduates, was launched in Accra yesterday.

The summit, scheduled for September 3 and 4 at the Accra International Conference Centre, would be on the theme ‘Inclusive growth through the creation of productive employment and decent work for all Ghanaians’.

Haruna Iddrisu,Minister of Employment and Labour Relations (left) launching the national job summit (3)Launching it, the Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Haruna Iddrisu said the issue of unemployment was a global phenomenon which required a multifaceted approach to find its solution.

He said the importance of the summit could not be under-estimated, because of the need for countries to create sustainable employment opportunities for the teeming youth and the population in general.

The minister said the economic and social cost of unemployment, long term unemployment and widespread, low quality job for the youth continued to rise, adding that skills mismatch on youth labour market had become persistent.

The minister indicated that with the emerging issues of globalisation, advancement in technology and mobility of workforce, the situation had drastically changed, requiring a multi faceted approach which put emphasis on stimulating the industrial and economic development of the country.

“As Ghana aspires to become an industralised nation, there is the need for a skilled workforce which can provide us with an efficient public transport system, affordable but safe housing, reliable energy supply, and maintain roads, bridges, and railways,” he said.

He said developing countries, including Ghana, faced major challenges regarding the quality of work available to young people, noting that the government was very much aware of the yawning gap between the country’s economic growth and the number of jobs created within the same period.

The minister said growing concern about unemployment remains a global challenge and therefore, posed a security threat to both the government and businesses of which Ghana like other countries, was no exception.

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