The National Identification Authority (NIA), on Tuesday, announced that from tomorrow, Friday, it would roll out a new National Identification project that would issue new ID cards to all citizens.

The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, will launch the project, which is expected to start with the security services, after which it would be undertaken on regional basis.

According to NIA officials, the system to roll out the ID cards has been tested and ready to issue instant ID cards to all citizens.

The primary reason for the issuance of National ID cards is to facilitate the integration of all public sector or civil operations, law enforcement, corporate and business applications and systems to the National Identification system and the provision of general identification services.

The process leading to the issuance of ID cards to all Ghanaians, started in 2003, with the setting up of the National Identification Authority, after the passage of the National Identification Authority Act, 2006 (Act 707).

To give the authority legal backing to collect personal and biometric data as well as to ensure the protection of privacy of personal information of citizens, the National Identify Register Act, 2008 (Act 750) was also passed.

In spite of all the legal backings, the National ID project has suffered both internal and external challenges which have not allowed it to efficiently carry out its mandate.

Additionally, political interference has denied the project the free hand to operate and register all Ghanaians as well as foreigners living in the country.

Realising the importance of national ID and the benefits to be reaped out of it, the government, on assumption of office this year, began the process of implementing a comprehensive national identification project.

Thankfully, the preparations have paid off, paving the way for the government to roll out the project on Friday.

It is our hope that the project would not suffer the hiccups it went through previously that led to its collapse.

While commending the government, particularly the Vice-President, Dr Mahamadu Bawumia, for leading a successful resurrection of the project, we would also urge the technocrats involved in the implementation not to allow bureaucracy to derail it again.

The entire country is yearning for a national ID Card.

The success of NIA would be another feather in the cap of the government in particular and the country in general.

We hope that the enthusiasm with which the project is being launched would follow through the successful implementation.

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