‘Nana Konadu Not Above Criticism’

A Deputy Information Minister, Murtala Mohammed, has defended his criticism of former first lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings for questioning govern-ment’s decision to increase the VAT rate.

According to him, the former first lady, just like the president is not beyond criticism so “if Nana Konadu can criticise the president, why can’t I?”.

Mrs. Rawlings, at a public lecture, expressed worry about the continuous increase in taxes in the country. She argued that the imposition of too many taxes in a developing country like Ghana could have serious repercussions on the private sector and discourage further investments.

But the Deputy Minister scoffed at Nana Konadu’s economic analysis, describing it as “funny and interesting”.

Members of the National Democratic Party (NDP), who deem Murtala’s comment as an attack on the integrity of the former first lady called on President John Mahama to sanction him.

Speaking on Asempa FM on Tuesday, Murtala Mohammed stated emphatically that he will not kow-tow to the whims and caprices of the praise singers of the former first lady, especially in the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“Nana Konadu formed her political party; she is not a member of the NDC and so we will treat her like anybody in opposition. Those hypocrites in NDC must know that,” he stressed.

The Deputy Information Minister stated that Mrs. Rawlings’ analysis of economic issues are “inaccurate” and can be questioned at any time.

“Maybe they don’t know Murtala; I will never be cowed into submission. I will express my conviction on any issue any day, anywhere and under any circumstance. They can feel displeased with it; I will speak my mind because the democracy allows us to do so”.

Mr. Mohammed therefore noted that Nana Konadu is not untouchable and “if they feel uncomfortable with Murtala’s statements, I think their discomfort will last long until l leave this earth”.

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