Nana Konadu chides govt over economy

Nana-Konadu-Agyeman-RawlingsThe flagbearer of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has criticised the Mahama-led administration for its management of the country which she says is responsible for the current state of the economy.

She opined that the current administration has failed in the mandate for which it was elected and does not deserve to be given another term in office.

“Diseases that had been eradicated have resurfaced all due to poor water and sanitation and incompetent governance.


On our roads and highways around the country, we witness an uncountable loss of life because of sheer disregard for rules and regulations,” she said on Wednesday.

She stated that the government’s failure to create a favourable economic atmosphere had forced businesses out of the country, a situation she deemed unacceptable.

The former First Lady has been one of the biggest critics of the party her husband founded, and which she broke away from to form the NDP.

She believed that the Mahama-led administration lacked the requisite ideas to create jobs and opportunities for the youth and that a change was needed to find a solution to the nation’s economic challenges.

“Ghanaian businesses and foreign ones are shutting down and moving to neighbouring African countries because of lack of power, excessive rent, high taxes and sometimes a lack of requisite skilled labour. We cannot continue like this anymore”, she added.

According to Nana Konadu, Ghanaians cannot continue to accept the conditions they have been made to live under.

She believes an NDP government, headed by her, would ensure that the country returns to its rightful place as one of the best investment hubs on the continent.

“We cannot continue like this anymore.  There’s no freedom when you are denied the basic opportunities to create a future of prosperity for yourself and your children. Neither is it just for a government to take up four years of our time and reward us with economic mismanagement. It’s unacceptable. Time is of essence,” she said.

“The NDP respects and understands the urgency in immediately implementing policies that will align the Ghanaian economy for sustainable growth so as to attract viable investments to Ghana, attract Ghanaian businesses back home for new ones to flourish.”


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