NAGRAT lauds female teachers across country

Mr. Christian Adai Poku, NAGRAT

Mr. Christian Adai Poku, NAGRAT

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has underscored the role played by female teachers across the country in reducing corruption and other social vices that had crept into the Ghanaian fabric.

In a statement signed by its National Ladies Coordinator of Excellence, Rebecca Ocran Abaidoo to commemorate International Women’s Day (IWD), the association noted that female teachers were critical in shaping the makeup of children right from their early stages to become responsible adults and promote national development.

“In this day when there is a loud national call to fight corruption and decadence in our society, female teachers have a major role to play to imbibe the right values and attitudes alongside formal education to guarantee our future,” the statement said.

Highlighting the enormous contributions of the female teacher in the delivery of quality education, the association noted that from early childhood education which was heavily dominated by females, female teachers were usually seen carrying children on their chest and back to calm them down to study through basic education cycle where pupils are taught societal values.

“At the Senior High School level, it is the female teacher who has eyes to see, ears to listen and the mouth to speak on issues that go hand in hand with formal education alongside impacting knowledge in the classroom,” the statement observed.

Furthermore it noted that, “even at the tertiary level where students are thought of as adults, female lecturers often go out of their way to nurture, mentor and serve as role models to the next generation.

On this day, we wish to congratulate women all over the world especially female teachers in the country and all women who are playing diverse roles in shaping the future of Ghana,” the statement said.

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