… NACOB swoops on Nayele’s property

The Narcotic Control Board (NACOB) has initiated moves to confiscate all property belonging to Nayele Ametefe, the Ghanaian woman who was convicted in the UK yesterday for drug trafficking.

The property include her houses in Accra and other places, as well as a number of fashion shops, all believed to have been acquired from the drug business.

The action which started on Monday, is in line with PNDC Law 236 (1990) on Narcotic Drugs (Control, Enforcement and Sanctions).

In accordance with the Law, officials of NACOB attempted posting Notices of Seizure on her East Legon house and other property, but were fiercely resisted by her relatives.

Section 36 of PNDC Law 236, on the procedure for the stipulates of immovable property, states that: “Where a Police Officer of, or above the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police reasonably suspects that any immovable property is the subject matter of an offence under this Law, or is illegal property, the property shall be liable to seizure, and the seizure shall be effected, (a) by posting, where practicable, a copy of the Notice of Seizure in a conspicuous position on the immovable property; and (b) by lodging a copy of the Notice of Seizure at the Lands Title Registry”.

Reports indicate that officials of NACOB were verbally assaulted by Nayele’s relatives at her residence, while her mother is said to have attacked one of them who tried to snap a picture of the building.

Sources at NACOB informed The Ghanaian Times that Nayele’s mother tore off two of the notices posted on the wall, and slapped one of the officials with the papers.

The case of assault was later reported to the Airport Police.

An officer of the Police Station confirmed to The Ghanaian Times that the complaint of assault had been lodged and being investigated.

Nayele was arrested at the Heathrow Airport in London, in November last year, for attempting to smuggle 12 kilogrammes of cocaine into that country and sentenced to eight years and eight months in jail by a UK court.

At the time of arrest, she had in her possession $23,000dollars and 6,000 Pounds Sterling which are currently in the custody of the UK Border Agency.

By Edmund Mingle

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