NAB dismisses Mountcrest Varsity allegation

Mr Kwame Dattey(midlle),addressing the press yesterday.Those with him are Mrs Afia Serwaa Essandoh(left), Legal Officer,NAB and Mr Lawrence Kwarteng-Ashia.Photo.Ebo Gorman

Mr Kwame Dattey(midlle),addressing the press yesterday.Those with him are Mrs Afia Serwaa Essandoh(left), Legal Officer,NAB and Mr Lawrence Kwarteng-Ashia. Photo:Ebo Gorman

The National Accreditation Board (NAB) has dismissed allegations that it was working with the Chief Justice to collapse Mountcrest University College (MCU).

The Rector of the College Mr. Kwaku Ansa-Asare, last week accused the Executive Secretary of the board, Mr. Kwame Dartey, of deliberately placing an embargo on the school from admitting new students into its law faculty for unjustifiable reasons.

He said: “The Chief Justice is also particularly against the location of Mount Crest University and she is seeking also to destroy MCU. I want to let the President know that this is what is going on because the letter from NAB to us indicating that we should not admit any new students was on the letterhead of the Judicial Service and we are told it was written by a supreme court Judge Sophia Akuffo who is now the Chief Justice.”

But in an interview with the media in Accra yesterday, Mr Dartey expressed disappointment at the accusations of the Rector of MCU saying his outfit was not interested in bringing down the school.

“We are not interested in destroying your school or anything of that sort. All we want is for the right thing to be done and MCU is not the only school we have sanctioned so why must anyone think this is a personal attack on the school,” he added.

He explained that, a team of lawyers, led by Justice Gloria Akuffo visited the school because it is a law school, and identified some deficiencies, after which the school authorities were advised to address their challenges and revert to how they formerly use to run the institution before they gained accreditation.

Mr. Dartey was quick to add, that if the school fails to rectify their deficiencies, NAB would revoke their accreditation.

He appealed to the Rector of the school to desist from “calling him names” because the NAB was only doing their job by ensuring all educational institutions in the country were operating appropriately”.

The situation where some schools, after securing accreditations, desist from following the laws of the NAB, he stressed was heartbreaking, adding that no school will be spared if caught flouting the directives of the board.

Touching on the growing number of unaccredited schools springing up in the country lately, Mr. Dartey advised members of the public to desist from patronising institutions that were not accredited.

“Do not just enroll into schools without checking the status of the institution. Visit our website and find out whether the school you have chosen has approval from us and also ensure the course you choose has a valid accreditation to protect yourselves from any future problems,” he advised.

By Raissa Sambou    





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