‘My Leadership Will Be Inclusive’

th,,,An aspiring chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dan Abodakpi, has assured of an all inclusive and participatory leadership of the NDC party when given the chance as the chairman of the ruling NDC party.

He explained that the level of despondency among a section of the grassroots was not conducive for the progress of the NDC, indicating that, some of the members feel alienated from a party they helped build to recapture power from the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Mr Abodakpi said this when he met journalists from the Central Region after touring the region to solicit the votes of delegates and to tell them his vision for the development of the party at Cape Coast on Friday.

He said that the NDC risks the danger of rallying its membership for victory in 2016 if the current state of despondency continues and pledged his commitment to mobilise and solidify the grassroots support for the party.

He explained that his motivation for joining the chairmanship race was to help rebuild the party and said that he was not doing so based on monetary or personal gains.

He therefore stated that if given the nod as chairman for the NDC he would not accept appointment to serve on any board explaining that as a chairman of a ruling party, you are bigger than a minister of any ministry.

That, he said, would enable the party leadership to demand accountability from the executives therefore enhancing the performance of the performance of the government.

The supremacy of the party, he stated, must be made clear and that, the party should be able to fashion out programmes that would also monitor the performance of government appointees at all times in order to build the trust of all members of the party and the entire Ghanaian populace as a whole.

Mr Abodakpi further stated his determination to help limit the tenure of the chairman of the NDC to only two terms in order to enable other people to serve and also develop the party.

He deplored the use of money in inducing delegates to vote towards a particular line and urged them not to allow themselves to be induced with material things, saying, “They should not allow their conscience to be bought”.

He urged them to contribute towards securing the future of the NDC by voting for dedicated and competent people who would unite and move the party forward.

He further stated his commitment to work towards empowering members at the grassroots level in line with the foundation and vision of the NDC which he said constitute the core values in building the party structures.


From David O. Yarboi-Tetteh,Cape Coast

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