My duty is to ‘police’ ministers

Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei, minister-designate for Monitoring and Evaluation (14)

Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei, minister-designate for Monitoring and Evaluation (14)

Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei, Minister-designate for Monitoring and Evaluation has said that his job schedule was to “Police” all the ministers to deliver public service in an effective, efficient and timely manner.
He said his job role would entail the monitoring of the ministers’ performance with regards to set targets to implement the campaign promises.
The vetting which started a little after 11 am with only 12 members from 26 committee members compelled the Chairman to explain the absence of some of the members who according to him were attending a workshop.
However, a few minutes into the session, key members of the committee started arriving to complement the presence of their friends who had then set the ball rolling with their questions.
Dr. Akoto Osei said, his new portfolio which would allow him to be a member of cabinet offered him the opportunity to continually review the performance of the ministers by ensuring that their work schedule fell within the context of key performance indicators.
He said plans were for advanced to take every minister to a retreat where performance targets would be set up for every individual ministry in the broad concept of the party manifesto.
Dr Osei said it was after such a retreat that his ministry would then begin to monitor and measure the performance of the ministries with regards to the set targets.

He explained that when a ministry began to drag its feet on target set, it was then the monitoring ministry in collaboration with cabinet and the Presidency would try to find any alternative for a solution.

Dr. Osei said the new role of his ministry would neither have any conflict with that of the parliamentarian committee nor the monitoring and evaluation departments at the Ministries since their roles were quite different from his ministry.

He said his role would not directly get him involved with civil servants and the legislature, since his focus would be on political leadership accountability to cabinet and the President, in particular.

Dr. Osei said Ghanaians asked for a change, therefore, government did not have luxury of time to waste time, but rather would want to plunge into full action to ensure that campaign targets were met.

He said his position would also not have problem with that of the senior minister’s coordinating role of economic-sector ministries adding that the Monitoring and Evaluation Ministry would focus primarily on target delivery.
By Lawrence Markwei and Julius Yaw Petetsi

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