My ‘attacker’ not mentally ill –NPP candidate

Mrs. Ayisi

Mrs. Ayisi

The New Patriotic Party’s parliamentary candidate for Cape Coast North constituency, Barbara Asher Ayisi, said she did not believe the man who stormed and attacked her residence and also attempted to harm her has a mental problem.

Mrs. Ayisi said yesterday that her would-be attacker showed no sign of mental challenge when he  stormed her residence, therefore, she was surprise about reports of his mental illness.

“I do not want to hear that this man is mad, I do not want to hear that. If that is the case then it is strange.

I have studied psychology and I know how mad people behave so for somebody to behave like this and then people say that this is a mad person, I have my doubts. I am not going to believe it,” she said.

She, therefore, appealed to the police to ensure that the issue was thoroughly investigated.

The 22-year-old man broke into the house of the parliamentary candidate on Saturday, wielding an iron rod and a knife, while he searched frantically for her.

The reason for the attack is yet to be established and the police has referred the intruder, identified Bismark Yao, to the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital, in Cape Coast, for observation.

The subdued intruder  remained motionless before  the police arrived to rescue him

The subdued intruder
remained motionless before
the police arrived to rescue him

The alleged mentally ill man destroyed flower pots and smashed the screen of a saloon car belonging to Mrs. Ayisi with the hammer he was holding.

Narrating the incident, the driver of Mrs Ayisi, Benard Botchwey, said the man attempted to storm the house on Saturday morning and demanded to see Mrs Ayisi, saying he wanted to kill her,

He said he walked to the intruder, thinking he may be suffering from a mental problem, but the intruder after sometime scaled over the wall into the compound  of the house, where he smashed the vehicle of the parliamentary candidate.

The driver said after engaging in a struggle with the man for some minutes, a resident who was observing the incident from a far, came to assist to over-power him.

Other on-lookers later joined and severely beat up the man before the police came to his rescue.

A source at the Police Station told “The Ghanaian Times that, a lady,  Happy Zanu, who claimed to be the fiancé of Yao reported to the police last Friday, that her boy friend was missing.

He said Ms. Zanu told the police that they were on their way from Cote d’ Ivoire  to Ghana, when Yao suddenly developed a mental problem.

The police said, Ms. Zanu explained that Yao became uncontrollable during the journey and they had to alight at Cape Coast.

She informed the police that upon alighting from the vehicle, Yao tooh to his heels.

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