Muslim women urged to lead children into goodliness

Ameer Alhaji Maulvi  Bin Salih

Ameer Alhaji Maulvi Bin Salih

ALHAJI Maulvi Noor Mohammed Bin Ameer and Missionary In-Charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim, has called on women to inculcate in their children, good and sound moral principles.

He “said mothers are the managers of the home, and this places a huge responsibility on them”, adding that with such a responsibility, they could instil in them the essential elements of truth, honesty, sincerity and, above all, the fear of God.

Maulvi Bin Sali was speaking at the 36th annual national convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association-Ghana, in Takoradi.

The convention was on the theme: Building a peaceful society: The contribution of the Muslim woman.

The Ameer and Missionary in charge “said despite the many resources of Ghana, peace continues to elude the nation because of the wrong attitude and behaviour of some selfish, corrupt and involuntary individuals who place materialism above all else, to the neglect of their fellow human beings”.

He said women as foundation layers, should strive to lay good and sound spiritual, moral and ethical grounds for their children, to save the society from its social crises.

Mr Paul Evans Aidoo, Western Regional Minister, said women had the fundamental role of ensuring a peaceful society, adding: “You are the first teacher and best role model for your children.”

He urged them to support their husbands in educating their children, saying, “Give me a good mother and I will give you a good nation”.


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