Muslim Students Mark World Hijab Day With A Walk

walk 2014A peace walk to celebrate this year’s World Hijab Day was held in Accra on the theme: “Hijab the pride of the woman”.

The event, which was organised by the Greater Accra Branch of the Ghana Muslim Students Association (GMSA), was to sensitise the public on the need for Muslim women to wear the hijab veil as they go about their daily duties  because it is a command from Allah (God).  

According, Abdul Haisal, President, GMSA, hijab literally means to cover the whole body from the head to the toe with a veil or to cover the body and leave only the face for clearer view.

Haisal said the idea of the celebration was conceived due to constant discrimination against a woman in Bangladesh by her friends whenever she wore the hijab veil adding that the event  is now being celebrated in UK, Bangladesh, USA and other countries.

“Though the veil is being worn for decade now, the actual celebration of it began two years ago and this is the maiden edition in Ghana,” he said.

Haisal said the day has been set aside to correct the negative perception and impression created about people, especially the Muslim women, who wear the hijab veil.

According to Alima S. Siedu , treasurer ,GMSA, the veil distinguishes the Muslim  women from other women and shows a sign of modesty, purity, prosperity and brings out the beauty of the Muslim woman.

She said the association used seminars, workshops, talk shows, and community durbars to educate Muslims about  pertinent issues affecting them.

The walk which started from the forecourt of Accra Girls Senior High School through Nima streets, Kanda and back, was attended by GMSA groups in Accra Girls Senior High School, Accra Polytechnic, Ghana Lebanon Islamic School and others.

“Hijab an obligation code for dressing;” “Hijab it’s our right”, “ I wear hijab because it’s a command from the creator”. “Hijab it’s a blessing not a burden”, “Hijab should not be an obstacle to anything” were some of the inscriptions  on the placards  displayed.

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