Murray picks Mayweather

MayweatherBRITISH tennis star and avid boxing fan Andy Murray has weighed in with his prediction for the big fight.

Murray says the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr has two things in his favour, including the Las Vegas home-crowd advantage. The other is Mayweather’s ability to use his superb defence to build up points if it goes the distance.

“That’s his hometown,” Murray said of the gambling city the Nevada desert. “He’s spoken a little bit about how much he means to the economy of the city.

“If it goes to the scorecards, I would think it would be tough for Pacquiao to win.”

Murray spent some time in the Philippines last year and meet Pacquiao. Having talked to Pacquiao in person he now understands why ‘Pacman’ is so immensely popular in his native country.

“He’s a huge, huge star. You know, the whole country pretty much stops when he fights,” said Murray, who is in Palm Springs to compete in this week’s ATP and WTA Tour Indian Wells tennis tournament.

“I obviously didn’t get to know him well. I only spent five or ten minutes with him. It was a nice experience for me.”

Murray, who is seeded fourth overall, defeated Canada’s Vasek Pospisil 6-1 6-3 in his opening match on Saturday.


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