An era has come to an end. The long reign of President Robert Mugabe is effectively over.  The 93 year old president has finally resigned after 37 years unshaken grip on Zimbabwe.

The uncertainty following a military takeover  and after the demand for his resignation by the people, President Mugabe was yesterday reported to have voluntarily resigned, according to the Speaker of the Zimbabwean Parliament, Jacob Mudenda.

According to him, a letter from Mr Mugabe said he (Mugabe) was resigning to allow for a smooth transfer of power.

Although President Mugabe has taken the honourable route to resign, he surprised many by the decision because he had previously refused to resign despite the military takeover and a day’s street protest.

While his resignation may have triggered jubilations and is a source of joy for many Zimbabweans, President Mugabe must take responsibility for putting himself and his country through the avoidable situation.

His over 37 years dominance of Zimbabwean politics created socio-economic challenges for the country which was once a prosperous nation in Africa.

His contribution to the development of his country and the continent is not in doubt. Mugabe is mentioned as the last one standing among African leaders who fought to end minority rule in Africa.  From Ghana’s First President Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, to Patrice Lumumba of Congo, Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya and Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia among others, the generation of leaders that emerged after the independence struggle have all passed from the scene.

For good or bad reasons he has played his part.  He is gone and now history but Zimbabwe must move on!

We wish him well and hope that Zimbabweans handle the situation gingerly to ensure the smooth transfer of power.


RESIDENTS of Kasoa and its environs have been living in fear due to the ruthless attacks by armed robbers, land guards and criminals in the area.

Never a day passes without reports of murders, armed robbery or land guard attacks on innocent residents.

The situation is becoming so frightening each passing day as one heinous crime or another is recorded each passing day.

For instance, the Times on Tuesday reported the horrific murder of a woman who was beheaded under mysterious circumstances at Kasoa Amanfrom Quarters Junction, in the Central Region.

According to the report, the heart and breast of the deceased were reported missing, when the body was found in a sack.

No one has been arrested and the police are yet to identified the decease and locate the family.

The bizarre murder is just one out of numerous crimes that have been committed by heartless people in the area.

What is worrying though is that it appears the criminals are having a field day committing crimes with impunity and without fear.

It is worrying how the area has been allowed to be overrun by criminals without police or security agencies doing anything until now.

We are informed that the police have deployed men to the area, who patrol day and night in order to provide security and protect the people.

So far, a number of suspected criminals have been arrested and are under investigations.

While we commend the police for moving into the area, they cannot escape blame for the increased crime wave. They have looked on for too long for the criminals to perpetrate heinous crimes in the area.

The Ghanaian Times has on a number of occasions drawn the attention of the police, particularly the Kasoa Police to reported land guard attacks in our editorial column, but all fell on death ears.

If the police had acted quick enough, the current wave of murders would have been avoided.

We hope that with the deployment of the police personnel, sanity would prevail in the area to enable the people to go about their business in peace.


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