MPs To Get Offices — President

president mahamaPRESIDENT John Dramani Mahama on Tuesday assured Members of Parliament (MPs) that their age long problem of office accommodation will soon be resolved.

“I am pleased that MPs would soon have decent offices from which to conduct their businesses.  The days of using our car trunks to conduct businesses will finally be a thing of the past”.

The President stated this when he gave the State-of-the-Nation Address at Parliament House.

Since its inception on January 7, 1993, the Fourth Republican Parliament does not have office accommodation for MPs.

The State House, also known as Job 600, which was purposed to be used as offices for the Parliamentarians, is yet to be furnished, although renovation work is said to have been completed.

President Mahama told the MPs that the country has enjoyed “substantial praise both nationally and internationally, and earned an enviable reputation as a burgeoning democracy in large part, because of our strong Parliament”.

“The Parliament of the Republic of Ghana has led the way in ground-breaking procedures and practices, becoming the hub of many parliamentary networks”, noting that strengthening of the nation’s Parliament was therefore, crucial to the growth of our democracy.

“I will continue to work to enhance the dignity and respect of this august House,” adding that “We need to work closely to strengthen public input in the legislative process”, the President stressed.

He said the Constitutional Review Implementation Commission has been working assiduously to complete the constitutional review exercise and urged the House to lend its support when the report or bill is presented to it.

He further promised that work on the reconfiguration of the Chamber of Parliament to accommodate the increased number of MPs would soon begin.

According to President Mahama, the reconfiguration was needed to properly accommodate the current 275 MPs and ensure effective legislative work.

The President lauded Ghana’s decentralisation process, saying, it has been acclaimed across Africa as one of the most far-reaching on the continent.

“By putting more power in the hands of our people at the local government level, we would be empowering our people to take their destinies into their own hands,” he stated.

He stressed that, “it will make us better to be able to handle the enormous issues of sanitation and pollution that are threatening to engulf us”.

President Mahama said empowering citizens would enhance efficient use of national resources and give people better stakeholders in the progress of our nation. By Ian Motey


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