‘MP masterminding my removal’

 Mr Brobbey

Mr Brobbey

The District Chief Executive (DCE) of Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira in the Central Region, Emmanuel Nannah has accused Member of Parliament for the area, Bright Wireko Brobbey of masterminding attempts to get him out of office.


He indicated that the legislator had always been against his appointment as DCE and is now capitalising on his ill health and absence from active duty to oust him.


Mr Nannah’s comments are in reaction to a petition sent by some assembly members to the Local Government and Rural Development Minister and the President demanding the dismissal of the DCE.


The petitioners said the absence of the DCE had led to various malpractices by staff of the assembly including malfeasance.

However, Mr Brobbey has denied the allegation against him insisting “I have no hand in it”.


“The MP is the one masterminding my removal and he had made his first appearance in office after months of absence due to the ailment.


“I know that there are big people underneath that are orchestrating these moves, from day one my MP has never supported my candidature even when my name was mentioned.


“He tried every possible means to dissuade some of the assembly members from voting and after my confirmation he said I am not his type of DCE so he will never support me.


“The issues of financial malfeasance that were raised in the petition to replace me were originated by the MP. I sent the matter to the regional minister, when he invited him, and he couldn’t bring any evidence to show that there was any financial malfeasance, I don’t think there’s any iota of truth in any of the allegations.


“I had the opportunity to go through everything that happened in my absence and nothing has gone wrong that suggest corruption or malfeasance,” Mr Nannah maintained. –myjoyonline.com


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