MoYS rejects FA request

Nii Lante VanderpuyeThe Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS) on Monday demonstrated the seriousness it attaches to its stance of using local players to honour Saturday’s AFCON 2017 qualifier against Rwanda in Accra by rejecting a request from the FA to purchase flight tickets for the players.

The FA’s request, coming in the wake of the hullabaloo over which set of players to use for the match following the MoYS’ suggestion to fall on local based players to save cost, came as a surprise after the sector minister made it clear the ministry was not in a position to buy tickets.

Despite the uproar the decision has generated, the FA still wrote to the ministry on Monday afternoon requesting for the purchase of flight tickets for the foreign based players to travel down to honour the Ghana-Rwanda qualifier.

But the ministry minced no words about the request, insisting that it was incapable of meeting the FA’s demand and advised the FA to take the minister’s advice.

“The Ministry of Youth and Sports sends its compliments and wishes to acknowledge receipt of your letter No:GFA/MYS/GC/VOL.011 dated 26th August, 2016 on the above subject matter,” it read.

“The Ministry would have very much wished to grant your request to purchase prepaid tickets for our foreign-based players to travel to Accra to honour the Ghana-Rwanda match as has been the norm but unfortunately, due to the Ministry’s present financial position and our inability to raise corporate funding in spite of the effort put in, we are unable currently, to take care of the expenses involved in bringing down our foreign-based players to Accra,” the ministry responded.

The FA’s response which was sighted by the Times Sports said “In view of the above reasons,the Ministry would wish to humbly suggest for your kind consideration that we use our local players for this particular game.”

The letter expressed the awareness of the need for cohesion, unity and team spirit among the Black Stars players, but that notwithstanding, the use of  local players in this particular game, apart from giving them the needed exposure, would equally provide an opportunity for their performance to be properly assessed.

By Andrew Nortey


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