MOYS Did Not Sign Contract With Travel, Tour Operators

Trvl2IT has emerged that there was no contract signed between the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS) and the travel agents assigned to transport 612 supporters to support the Black Stars at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Revealing this to the Justice Dzamefe Commission of Inquiry, Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Travel Matters, Ivan Bruce Kudjoe stated that though there was a form of verbal  agreement between MOYS and his outfit, no clearly stated terms and conditions were written and gazetted in the form of a contract.

He added that the agreement to fly over 600 supporters to and fro Brazil including internal flights was done verbally.

According to the Travel MattersCEO, he was obliged to send such number of supporters to Brazil following the other two agents’ assigned by the MOYS, inability to provide a flight to transport their tranche of supporters.

He stressed that he was initially allocated only 100 supporters to transport to Brazil but later on had to carry along other passengers since he was the only agent with an airline at the time.

He further debunked claims by the former MOYS boss, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah that a consortium was signed between three travel agents, namely, Travel Matters, African Origin and Kenpong Travel and Tours to airlift supporters to Brazil.

He stated emphatically that, no consortium whatsoever was formed between the three agents to that effect as they only met to discuss certain arrangements when it came to light that he would have to carry along the passengers of the other agents.

Even with that, he added, his concentration and interest was with the MOYS and expected every form of understanding and payment to be done between the two parties.

Between June 13 and June 14 he said he managed to transport all 270 plus the 100 passengers allocated to Kenpong and himself respectively as well as his own corporate passengers.

On June 15 however, he managed to transport 155 passengers allocated to African Origins to Brazil as the last badge of supporters sent.

He also hinted that he was also not bound by any contract to airlift the supporters of the other agents and could have chosen not to lift any supporters had his flights been booked earlier.

He explained that priorities were usually given to corporate entities because they paid money for their services without agents pre-financing.

He also revealed that, African Origin initially had an agreement with Ethiopian airline and was only left with the payment of a deposit to be given three flights from the outfit.

At that moment, he requested for one of those flights to be given to Travel Matters, but Samson Deem of the Africa Origin was not forthcoming before a later development ensured that, he (Mr. Kudjoe) acquired the flight.

He added that, when he later had to ensure that the supporters allocated to African Origin and the other agent had to be catered for, he came to an agreement with the MOYS as far as payments were concerned and not with the agents.

It has also emerged that, the two agents may not receive any commission on the 612 supporters since all of them were flown by Travel Matters.

According to him, the supporters from the MOYS were sent in three badges, 197 on June 13, 260 on June 14 and 155 on June 15, making the number of 612 fans sent to Brazil by Travel Matters.

He added that the MOYS is yet to pay him fully for his work done, since he is expecting an additional $790 to be paid.

The Travel Matters boss told the Commission that it was not his responsibility to ensure all those he flew to Brazil returned to the country and that all he was to do was to make sure there was a flight to carry the supporters to Brazil and back which he executed to his best ability.

Throwing light on his involvement in the whole project, Mr. Kudjoe told the Commission that at a meeting in Akosombo, he was allocated a slot to airlift 100 supporters to Brazil while African Origin Travel and Tours as well as Kenpong Travel and Tours were each given a slot for 270 supporters.

After this meeting he decided not to continue with the arrangement because to him the arrangement was not best for him.

He however did not communicate his decision to the MOYS and went ahead to enter a consortium with Litina Travel & Tours to charter a flight and airlift corporate clients and other individuals who were interested in going to Brazil for the Mundial.

He stated that the Ministry later contacted him and he informed them of his plans, after which the Ministry told him to stop selling his tickets and because they did not have a flight to fly the supporters, he should help them out.

Mr. Kudjoe made it known that he sent a proposal to the Ministry and they agreed to use his flight because none of the other two travel and tour operators could organise a flight.

According to him on June 2nd he was contacted by Mr. Ben Nunoo Mensah, who asked him to facilitate visas for some of the supporters for Brazil, but after some feet-dragging by him and the insistence by Mr. Ben Nunoo, he agreed to help and he facilitated 200 visas for the four supporters unions initially for free but later took a service charge of GHc50.00 which some supporters failed to pay.

He told the Commission that because of his earlier decision not to continue with the earlier travel arrangement, he went ahead to cancel all the accommodation and ground logistics plans he had arranged before; this,  he informed the committee as well as the MOYS about accordingly.

Also appearing before the Commission, was Director of Finance at Kenpong Group of Companies, George Amoako who stated that he is also expecting an amount of $256,000 to be paid to his outfit by MOYS for his sweat.

The amount he said covers $5,050 per passenger allocated to him by the MOYS to be sent to Brazil including the internal transportation provided by Kenpong.

The Kenpong boss will appear today to throw more light on why his outfit deserves to be paid such an amount by the MOYS.

By Michael D. Abayateye & Raymond Ackumey

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