MOYS, Africa Origin Had No Pre – Finance Arrangement

deenChief Executive Officer (CEO) of African Origin Travel and Tour and Sports Tourism, Mr. Samson Deen yesterday revealed to the Justice Dzamefe Commission of Inquiry that there was no pre-financing arrangement between the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS) and the travel and tour companies to airlift supporters to Brazil World Cup.

“There was no situation where MOYS requested my outfit to pre-finance travels, and the World Cup was no exception,”Mr. Deen stated before the Commission.

His comments were in sharp contrast to earlier claims by former Minister of Youth and Sports MOYS, Mr. Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah that the three tour operators were obliged to pre-finance the airlifting of supporters would be reimbursed later.

According to him none of the travel and tour companies was asked to pre-finance the airlifting of supporters to the World Cup as there were no documents to that effect.

The African Origin boss again debunked claims made by the former MOYS boss to the effect that there was an agreement among the three agents assigned to carry out the airlifting project stating that, “I never met with any travel agents to discuss any arrangement concerning the World Cup.”

He stated that, certain arrangements of the MOYS did not go down well with him and he was initially tempted to opt out of the whole project of airlifting fans to Brazil.

But after consultation with the Chief of Staff and making his grievances known, he decided to continue with the project and ensured the airlifting of his allocated number of supporters to Brazil successfully.

He added that, the World Cup committee informed him of an available flight to carry out his allocated supporters to Brazil to which he faithfully facilitated their boarding of the flight.

He stated that, he dealt strictly with the committee and they agreed to all his charges after contacting Ethiopian Airline to announce his involvement in the project for the sake of formality.

Mr. Deen told the Commission he is demanding the payment of GHC 59,722.74 as the total amount for securing 214 World Cup match tickets for the MOYS through the Ghana Football Association.

Bringing his evidence to a conclusion, Mr. Deen stated to the Commission that “the difficulties, frustrations, stress, avoidable waste and the near disgrace that would have occasioned relative to this aspect of the organization, were largely self inflicted and needless.”

He recommended to the Commission that, the state, acting through the MOYS, may have to divest itself of much of such processes and by compliance with the Procurement Act, more professionally engage the services of travel agents for this aspect of the organization.

He added that, MOYS may also consider an outfit whatsoever called and howsoever to be constituted upon sufficient professional consultation to coordinate and serve the supporters unions.

The CEO further stated that, the MOYS might put in measures to screen persons to accurately account for same and avoid the national image-damaging occurrence of supporters turning asylum seekers.

Sitting continues today with Alhaji Ahmed Bando of Bahmed Travel and Tours expected to appear before the Commission.

 By Raymond Ackumey and Michael D. Abayateye 



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