Move to enhance Ghana’s seed policy

Feed the Future, Ghana, a United States of America sponsored non-governmental organisation (NGO), under the umbrella of USAID-Ghana, held a workshop for the National Seed Council, under its Agriculture Policy Support Project (APSP), in Accra.

The event was meant to create collaboration between the NGO and National Seed Council, to enhance seed policy in Ghana through sustainable legal framework.

Mr Walter Nunez-Rodriguez, Chief of Party for the NGO, said the group has noted the inability of policy makers to identify reforms, whose implementation would improve the enabling environment, as key constraint to significant investment in Ghana’s agriculture sector.

He said policymakers needed to make better use of existing data and gather more information to support effective and evidence-based policy analysis, decision-making and implemen- tation.

Mr Nunez-Rodriquez said the goal of Feed the Future five-year project was to improve the food security-enabling environment for private sector investment in agriculture.

He said by supporting the effective engagement of the public and the private sectors on discussions about the agriculture policy process, the APSP would contribute to USAID’s overall goal of fostering broad-based sustained, and inclusive economic growth in Ghana.

Mr Nunez-Rodriguez said the APSP would work to strengthen the capacity of policy-makers, to identify and implement agriculture policies based on evidence and analysis.

“Through technical assistance for Feed the Future would aim at reinforcing organisational capacities to contribute to the policy process and will support the policy advocacy efforts of civil society organisations including farmer based organisations,” he said.

Mr Nunez-Rodriguez said this would be done through three components which included policy formulation and implementation, research and advocacy.

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