Morocco calls for action for Africa’s devt

 King Mohammed VI

King Mohammed VI

The leader of Morocco, King Mohammed VI, has called on African governments to work toward the rapid development of the continent, saying “It is time for action”.

“As far as Morocco is concerned, Africa is the future. And the future starts today,” he said.

In his speech on Sunday to mark the 64th anniversary of the Moroccan Revolution, he said although his country’s return to the African Union was a highly significant event, it is not an end in itself.

“Africa was and always will be a top priority for us. What matters, above all, is the continent’s progress and the services provided to African citizens.”

“Reintegration into the AU is but the start of a new era of joint action with all African countries in order to build a genuine, solidarity-based partnership, ensure-together-our continent’s development and meet the needs of African citizens.

“We are currently in the process of building an Africa that believes in itself, is committed to solidarity and rallies behind concrete projects while being open to its surroundings.

“It is this comprehensive vision that led the Kingdom to apply officially to join Economic Commission of West African states.

“I should like, in this respect, to express my thanks to the leaders of ECOWAS Member Countries for agreeing in principle to Morocco’s request to become a full-fledged member,” King Mohammed said.

According to him, ECOWAS is a natural extension of the AU. By joining both institutions, Morocco will contribute to economic prosperity and human development on the continent.

“I have opted for a policy based on solidarity and for balanced partnership grounded in mutual respect and the fulfillment of African peoples’ shared interest.

“Morocco has never engaged in influence peddling. Instead, it has opted to put its expertise and know-how at the disposal of its African brothers and sisters.

“Money comes and goes unlike knowledge and skills; it is these that help meet people’s needs,” King Mohammed said.

The focus on Africa, according to the King, “will not affect our stances, nor will it be at the expense of our priorities. In fact, it will bring added value to our national economy and will deepen and consolidate our relationship with African nations.”

Our African policy has a direct, positive impact on the question of our territorial integrity, be it with regard to states’ positions or the resolutions adopted by the African Union.

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