Moroccan investor visits Ghana

Mrs Manar Jazouli showing a document to Dr Said Deraz Chairman CEO of Euroget Group.

Mrs Manar Jazouli  Deraz showing a document to Dr Said Deraz Chairman CEO of Euroget Group.

Mrs. Manar Jazouli Deraz, a Moroccan investor and industrialist has arrived in the country to explore the opportunity of investing in the government policy of one-district-one-factory initiative, particularly in the agro-business sector.

Her visit comes after that of King Majesty Mohamed VI of Morocco, to Ghana to cement the good relationship between the two countries.


Being her fourth visit to Ghana, she had already visited some of the districts to look at the prospect of the agricultural business in the country to ascertain areas to invest.


Briefing The Ghanaian Times after the tour, Mrs Derez said she was amazed at the level of the development in the country since her last visit, and attributed the progress to the good management of the country and the investors coming to Ghana.


“I am particularly impressed with the expansion of both economic and social infrastructure across the length and breadth of the country with support from the huge human resource potential of the country,” she said.


Mrs Derez said her interaction with the people gave her a feeling of being at home.


“The hospitality and a great degree of affection gives me an indication that Ghana was the rightful place to invest to take advantage of the economic progress, peaceful atmosphere and good democratic governance in the country.” Mrs Jazouli said.


She particularly mentioned the position of Ghana on the continent which made it so easily accessible to both regional and global markets.


“Ghana is endowed with rich natural resources and fertile agricultural lands and political stability which gives an investor greater confidence to look for opportunities to do business here for both the local and international market,” she said.


Mrs. Deraz said she looked forward in the coming months to meet with government officials to ascertain potential areas to invest, especially, in the agricultural sector to become part of the success story of Ghana’s accelerated economic development.


She commended the government for creating the platform and policies to combine human and natural resources to unleash development at the grass root level in the various districts which constitute one of the unprecedented development agenda in Africa.


“Ghana with this multi-faceted development approach has shown great potential and a unique approach to take development to all parts of the country,” she said.


Mrs Deraz  was also impressed about the largest health care project of nine-hospital Euroget De-Invest s.a. had  financed and undertaking across the country and expressed happiness  that medical facilities were not only being concentrated in the major cities alone.


In a related development, Mrs Jazouli also visited, her husband, Dr. Said Deraz 110 million dollar gold refinery in Accra, the first of its kind in West Africa and the second largest in Africa with the capacity to refine 180 metric tonnes of raw gold in the single shift production, and 300 metric tonnes per year.


The refinery which is operating at the free zone has obtained ISO 17002 of Assey, and is poised for the other ISO certificates.


The  refinery, works on the highest grade (five nines), 999.99 Hall mark gold, exporting of gold, storage, safe keeping, custodian services among many to provide about 300 direct jobs and 1,200 indirect jobs which has won it to prestigious awards from both local and international organisations.

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