Montie FM panelists, directors return to court today

The fate of the three ‘main’ contemnors and owners or directors of Montie FM would be decided by the Supreme Court this morning.

Messrs Salifu Maase alias Mugabe (host), Godwin Ako Gunn and Alistair Tairo Nelson, panellists are to show cause why the court should not consign them to prison for allegedly threatening the lives of the judges who heard the case of Abu Ramadan and Evans Nimako versus the Electoral Commission on the clarification of the Supreme Court’s own judgement of May 5, 2016.

The contemnors are said to have made some disparaging remarks against the earthly Lords and her Ladyship the Chief Justice, Mrs. Georgina Theodora Wood, thereby lowering the reputation of the highest court of the land.

By their alleged explosive and derogatory comments on a radio programme at Montie FM on May 29, 2016, which the court deemed contemptuous, the three persons (contemnors) have been hauled before the judges to show cause for: Scandalising the court, and defying and lowering the authority of the court, bringing the authority of the court into disrepute.

Meanwhile, the Chief Justice, Mrs. Wood and Justice N.S. Gbadegbe  who were the subject of attack, last Tuesday, July 12, recused themselves and were replaced with Justices Sophia Akuffo (president) and Julius Ansah.

The Supreme Court in its wisdom adjourned the case to today due to the inability of the bailiffs to locate the contemnors and give them their summons even though they (bailiffs) had been to the premises of Mantie FM a number of times to serve them without success.

Also the pleadings of Nana Ato Dadzie and Nana Agyei Ampofo, counsel for the defendants, for time to interact with their clients since they (contemnors) got their summons the very day the case was called, (ie. in the morning of Tuesday, July 12) did not give them (counsel) enough time to prepare for court in respect of what the defendants had to say regarding their charges.

The contemnors in their individual responses as captured in their affidavit have pleaded with the court to tamper justice with mercy.

By Castro Zangina-Tong 

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