Montie FM begs Chief Justice, Supreme Court



The management of Montie FM has apologised to the Chief Justice and judges in the country over the death threat issued to judges by some panelists on its station.

The apology comes after the Chief Justice ordered the owner of the station, the host of the controversial political show, ‘Mugabe’ and the panelists, Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn, to appear before the Supreme Court at an undisclosed date.

A statement signed by Mutala Mohammed, General Manager of the station said: “The management of “Montie” FM wishes to render its sincerest apologies to Her Ladyship the Chief Justice, Justices of the Supreme Court and the Bench in general for the use of its platform by certain panelists recently to make statements that appear to threaten the safety of the Supreme Court Bench.

“Management wishes to assure all Ghanaians of its resolve not to condone any action that will in any way tend to undermine the administration of justice in our country, nor shall management condone any action that will tend to compromise the safety and security of members of the judiciary or the peace and stability of Ghana,” it said.

The statement said Management would ensure that in future, panelists who appeared on the programmes of the station were circumspect in their choice of words to avoid a repeat of the regrettable occurrence.

“We will continue to operate as a law-abiding corporate citizen of Ghana and will not condone any action that will tend to undermine the administration of justice in the country that we all love so much,” it said.

“As a sign of our disapproval of the conduct of the panelists, management decided to ban the said panelists from appearing on all our programmes until further notice,” it emphasised.

The statement said Management had also initiated the necessary disciplinary proceedings against the host and the producer of the programme.

 By Times Reporter

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