Montessori School observed World Culture Day

Montessori 1Pupil and Students of Faith Montessori School at Gbawe in the Ga South Municipality has observed a colourful World Culture Day to climax a week – long “Soul week.”

The students dressed in traditional and national attires, amidst pomp and pageantry, took to the stage to slug it out to uncover the group that best expresses the culture and history of their chosen country.

The week-long event ended with spectacular bout of dramatic, poetic, musical and dance performances in the school’s multi complex assembly hall.

It got to a fever pitch on  when the teachers and pupils, in marking Biblical Day, dressed up like biblical characters of their choice and acted like them, to the admiration of audience.

They also staged “Twin Day” during which the students and staff paired up as twins, triplets and quadruplets, to showcase the beauty of God’s creation.

The Director of the School, Emma Gottfried, thank the Almighty for making it possible for the school to create the platform for the students to discover and express their talents and also imbibing in the students a sense of cultural tolerance and team spirit.

By Salifu Abdul – Rahaman

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