MMT boss asked to proceed on leave

Metro Mass Buses

Metro Mass Buses

The Managing Director of state transport company, Metro Mass Transit Limited (MMT), Bennet Aboagye, has been asked to step aside by the Board of Directors of the company.

Mr Aboagye who is expected to proceed on leave with immediate effect with his personal assistant, Yiadom Kesse, has been accused by a staff of the company for engaging in shady deals.

He has also been accused of attempting to bribe his way through to suppress damning reports about him.

The beleaguered MD’s lead accuser, the Security Coordinator at the MMT, together with other unidentifiable persons have since petitioned the office of the Special Prosecutor to investigate alleged procurement breaches  for the purchase of some 300 buses.

In their petition, the petitioners claimed Mr Aboagye had colluded with some top officials of the MMT to secretly purchase 300 new buses and electrical products, and sell off MMT scrap buses.

According to the petitioners, the MD openly requested for “bribes or commission before awarding contracts to suppliers or signing cheques to pay suppliers for services they rendered.”

To substantiate their claim, the petitioners said they “planted a third ear at some strategic locations with the hope of having firsthand information about what the MD, his assistant and some key players in this scandal do, say and planned to do, and the revelations uncovered are mind-boggling.”

“The third ear revealed among others, malpractices involving the intended purchase of 300 buses from China…the purchase of electrical products, the sale of MMT scrap buses among others,” the petitioners added in the petition.

In an attempt to ‘kill the story’ the petitioners claimed that Mr Aboagye attempted bribing them to the tune of about GH¢60,000, an allegation Mr Aboagye has repudiated.

He, in return, said his lead accuser, one Lawal, had tried extorting about $1 million from him.

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