Minority’s motion was a waste of taxpayer’s money – President

prezPresident John Dramani Mahama has described the motion by the minority caucus in parliament for a bi-partisan committee to investigate him over the Ford Expedition gift saga as an abuse of taxpayer’s money.

“As seasoned members of parliament, they should know that it was untenable and so to waste people’s resources because anytime you call back parliament, we have to pay their transportation and while in session, all materials they need have to be provided. I think it was a frivolous waste of taxpayer’s money,”he contended.

The Speaker of Parliament last Thursday threw out a motion by the minority caucus to investigate allegations of corruption against President John Mahama insisting that, the matter was already before the Commission on Human Rights and Administration Justice (CHRAJ) and could not be investigated by Parliament.

Citing Articles 286(5) and 287 of the 1992 Constitution, the Speaker noted that CHRAJ had been vested with the mandate to investigate allegations of breach of code of conduct for public officers including the President adding that, the Supreme Court had also made a number of pronouncements that points to the fact that such complaints were to be investigated exclusively by CHRAJ.

Commenting on the issue on Good Evening Ghana, a current affairs programme, yesterday, the President indicated that he had already submitted himself to CHRAJ’s investigations and would respect any verdict the commission comes up with.

“CHRAJ had written to me detailing various issues and together with my lawyers, we have answered them. They have been conducting investigations into this matter since parliament was in session, interviewed several people and visited the Flagstaff House and the transport session,”he said.

He expressed dismay at the “petty politicking” of the opposition party and maintained that he did no wrong in the Ford gift saga, saying, “I am confident I will come out victorious”.

By Abigail Annoh

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