Minority: Parliament erred in approving voter ID exclusion law

Mr Iddrisu

Mr Iddrisu

The Minority has stated that Parliament erred in approving an amendment to the National Identification Registration law last year.


The law excluded the Voters’ ID card in the list of identification tools to be accepted during registration for the Ghana Card.


According to them, the amendment was approved last year under a certificate of urgency, limiting broader inputs and consultation by Members of Parliament (MPs).


The Minority arrived at this conclusion following the NIA’s decision not to accept the Voters’ ID cards as proof of citizenship for persons who wish to register for the Ghana card.


But Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu noted that the law must be reconsidered because many Ghanaians risk not being captured in the national registry if the current law is allowed.


“Who said that Parliament in some instances cannot and may not get things wrong and err? Remember that this bill was brought under a certificate of urgency and did not allow for diligence and proper scrutiny.


“It is not for nothing that in Article 106 through 107, the public input and public memoranda are normally required as Parliament considers any legislation.


“That fact that it came through as an urgent bill did not provide this opportunity since it is Parliament’s duty to amend the law and that must be done.


“Parliament can review the law and we are urging the Executive to reconsider a review of the legislation.


“The Minority will seek redress at the Supreme Court if the Voters’ ID card is not approved as proof of citizenship.


“The unexplained cost and other concerns raised by the Minority makes it difficult for us to join in the registration process,” Mr Iddrisu pointed out. -myjoyonline.com


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