Minority Leader advocates DACF support for judiciary

Mr Iddrisu

Mr Iddrisu

Haruna Iddrisu, the Minority Leader in Parliament, has proposed that new rules be developed to allow for the allocation of the District Assemblies’ Common Fund (DACF) support to the Judiciary to enable it to construct district courts across the country.

“Such rules will ensure that it becomes a matter of practice such that no matter which government is in power, every other year, we expect that a number of district courts will be built with allocation from the District Assemblies Common Fund,” he noted.

Mr Iddrisu, who is the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tamale South, made the proposal in Tamale when he handed over a Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) Compound and a meat shop to Gbambaya Community and Kukuo Butchers in the Tamale Metropolis.

He constructed both facilities through his 2017 share of the DACF to improve healthcare delivery for the people of Gbambaya and ensure hygiene in meat processing as well as improve economic activities of butchers at Kukuo.

Mr Iddrisu pointed out that “it is not fair for only the Executive and the Legislature to benefit from the District Assemblies Common Fund whiles the Judiciary, which was also an arm of government, be denied such financial support.

“Year in year out, the allocations of the District Assemblies Common Fund is only limited to the Executive and the Legislature, I think it is only fair and proper that we extend the same financial support to the Judiciary to improve the delivery and administration of justice in the districts and improve the quality of the court structures from the districts to the national level.

“Currently, it is the duty of the district assemblies to construct courts in their jurisdictions, however, many districts are unable to do so because of lack of funds whiles those with court structures are unable to maintain them leaving such structures in a deplorable state, it means that cases are tried at the nearest courts, a situation which makes it difficult for the accessibility of justice”.

“I have discussed the policy proposal with the Majority Leader, I have mentioned it to the Administrator of the District Assemblies Common Fund and I will insist as the Minority Leader responsible for oversight that it is done,” Mr Iddrisu assured.

Meanwhile, the beneficiaries of the projects expressed gratitude to their MP for addressing their concerns. -GNA

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