Ministry moves to harmonise operations of land-related agencies

MAHAMA AYARIGA MINISTER OF ENVIRONMENT,SCIENCE ,TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION (1)A bill to harmonise the operations of all institutions involved in land-related issues in the country, is to be presented to Parliament this week, for study and consideration.

This has become necessary because more than 16 agencies are currently managing issues related to land in the country.

The Land Use and Spatial Development Authority Bill, when passed into law, would ensure the harmonisation of the duties of all the agencies involved to offer prompt response to problems facing the sector.

The Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Mahama Ayariga, who disclosed this to journalists in Accra yesterday, said the numerous agencies from different ministries handling land and its related issues would impede the process of finding solutions to problems emanating from the sector.

His comments come in the wake of widespread pollution and drying up of water bodies across the country due to the activities of illegal miners and unfavourable weather conditions.

Mr Ayariga expressed the hope that the passage of the bill would ensure a prompt response to problems in the sector.

“There is an effort to harmonise the institutions to be part of the governing board, so that together, we can take collective decisions on land use and spatial development of any given space in the country. This would address the problem, where the institutions undermine each other,” he stressed.

“There is an institutional disharmony whereby different pieces of legislation deals with the same issues in different ways. We need a well designed system based on proper legal framework to tackle problems relating to land.”


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