Min rallies supports of chiefs to preserve beaches

The Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Mrs Catherine Abelema Afeku has rallied the support of the chiefs and people of Axim for good sanitation management, especially along the beaches in the municipality.

She said, good sanitation and clean environment are critical ingredients in the promotion of the tourism economy and also improve the image of Nzemaland.

Mrs Afeku made the appeal when she toured the Apewosika beach in Axim after she unveiled the ‘Say no to Open Defecation’ campaign at the palace, on Wednesday.

The pungent smell of feaces and debris scattered at Apewosika beach confounded the minister’s entourage including journalists.

“Nananom, MCEs, and DCEs must help us bring back the good name and image of Axim. We hope with their support the campaign would be a success,” she added.

The Minister explained that the campaign followed the bad images which circulated on social media depicting open defecation along Ghana’s beaches.

She told the chiefs that a task force had been formed to address the sanitation and open defecation situation along Ghana’s beaches, suggesting a strong involvement of chiefs and the people in the municipality.

Mrs Afeku, who is also the Member of Parliament for Evalue Gwira Ajomro, said the task force would work with celebrities including Tourism Ambassador Lucky Mensah and with 10 volunteers stressing that sanitation matters were not for NDC/NPP.

She said: “We must say no to open defecation. Yes, it must stop at Apewosika, Solo and Brawire. With all of you, Axim must restore her good sanitation and image.”

She announced that toilets would be constructed at Apewosika and the Axim Castle as part of the campaign.

The Omahene of Lower Axim, Awulae Attibrukusu III also complained about the poor attitude of the community, who openly defecated even at the frontage of the palace.

He told the Minister that the situation compelled him to construct a wall to prevent people from defecating in the area, saying “they say they want free, cool air.”

“Some will also go to the beach to smoke their ‘thing’ while they defecate in the area,” he claimed.

Awulae Attibrukusu agreed that the situation was a dire one and needed to be stopped, adding that it had given Axim a bad name and image.

He however, suggested that alternatively, public toilets must be constructed in Axim.

The Omanhene said “I am happy with the campaign. It has come at the right time We even have Fort Anthony here and it’s good for tourism. We can’t do it alone.  We all need to support the campaign. Cleanliness is next to godliness. But we need those toilet facilities. The black polythene bags dumped at the beach are full of faeces.It is a worry. We may not know what fish we are eating.”



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