Military personnel from W/Africa, C/Africa sharpen skills

French Ambassador to Ghana Francois PujolasThe 25th session of the Joint Campaign Planning Course (JCP) organised and financed by the French government has ended in Accra with a presentation of certificates to participants by the French Ambassador to Ghana, Mr. François Pujolas.

The 22 participants were officers of the Armed Forces and Gendarmerie from the rank of Major to Colonel and drawn not only from West Africa but also from Central Africa and from Madagascar.

The course, designed in two phases, a theoretical and implementation phases was delivered during the first week, followed by a practical exercise the second week.

It mainly focused on the practical methods of operative planning, a procedure which encompasses preparation for a joint operation at country level.

It was facilitated by experts from Senegal, France and Ghana and who are all graduates of the French Command and Staff College.

According to Mr. Pujolas the course “shows the commitment of France to help build a better and common response at the regional level to all security challenges”.

He welcomed the participation of officers from the sub-region and beyond, and took the opportunity to underline the efforts made at the KAIPTC as well as the Ghana Armed Forces to support and develop the use and teaching of the French language in a defence and security context.

The course director and liaison officer, Lieutenant Colonel Philippe Costes of the French Army Forces indicated that the course was to give a common language in order to conduct an interoperable planning between different armies engaged in a regional crisis with adapted keys for multinational operations.

“Even more condensed, this course teaches the same planning techniques that are taught at the Command and Staff College in Paris,” he said.


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