Methodist Church, Ghana allays fears over same-sex marriage

There is disquiet in Ghana following news that the British Methodist Conference at a meeting in Birmingham, United Kingdom, on Wednesday July 3, 2019, voted in favour of a policy that can lead to the church embracing same-sex union.

Being of the same religious stock, many have expressed fears that the British Methodist Conference’s assertion would have effects on its counterpart in Ghana.

But, never! the Methodist Church, Ghana (MCG), has been swift in disassociating itself from the British Methodist Conference’s stance.

The Presiding Bishop of the MCG, Most Reverend Dr Paul Kwabena Boafo, at a news conference in Accra, last Friday, reminded us all that the church in Ghana is autonomous and, therefore, cannot not be bound by the decision of any other church or assembly.

He unequivocally said: “The MCG has not amended its long-standing position on marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman, neither do we permit Lesbians, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT), co-habitation of unmarried couples nor divorce by Christians.”

Most Rev. Dr Boafo further indicated that the MCG rejects any revisionist’s interpretation of the Bible that seeks to make such relationships permissible.

He said: “We are very aware of our Wesleyan heritage and what it entails, and as an autonomous conference, we resolve to defend tenaciously the Biblical faith that was once delivered unto saints, especially as it affects all areas of human life in our relationship with God in Christ.”

Obviously, this is to buttress MCG’s position that male and female sex outside marriage and same-sex relationships or any other alternate sexual lifestyle such as gay and lesbian options, are all inconsistent with Biblical ethics and morality.

Already, the former Presiding Bishop of the MCG, Professor Reverend Emmanuel Asante, condemned the scourge of LBGT, indicating the church would not relent in counselling and praying for victims of same-sex union.

In all these, the government would also have to take a firm stand on LGBT, and not to yield to pressure or influence from developed countries advocating same-sex marriage or union, under the guise of receiving more aid or funding for development.

There are no known laws encouraging same-sex union in Ghana, but government should prevent any new legislation in support of the practice.

Apart from religious groups, many Ghanaians, including Members of Parliament, traditional rulers, non-governmental organisations have publicly declared total disapproval to any move to promote same-sex union or homosexuality, despite perceived pressures from external forces.

This is a manifestation that same-sex relationship has no place in our cultural norms as Africans, and no group in the country supports this practice as normal human behaviour.

In fact, accepting this modern lifestyle would only amount to surrendering our cultural values and Christian principles, with dire consequences on the nation’s moral fabric.

There is no way we would ever allow any alien culture to adulterate our cherished values regarding marriage.

There is no excuse for Ghanaians to give away their common heritage and sense of cultural values and norms that makes them unique.

While some people espouse that same-sex union is a human right issue, those who detest the practice, equally deserve the right to protect themselves from what is not part of their culture.

Certainly, the rapid reaction of the Methodist Church, Ghana against same-sex union, has calmed nerves and reassured that the church in Ghana believes in God’s chosen way of doing things.

But the MCG, alone cannot fight against same-sex union or marriage. We all have to join the bandwagon and preserve our sanctity and moral values.    

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