Mensah Guinea Goes Down!

The victims salvaging some of their properties after the demolishing exercise ,Photos,Seth OsabukleThe Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) yesterday undertook a demolition exercise at Mensah Guinea, a slum community in Accra, after giving the residents there three days notice.

Although the assembly had not given any official reason for their action as at press time, sources close to it claimed the exercise was in response to the cholera epidemic which was spreading in the area at an alarming rate.

Using bulldozers, chisels and sledge hammers, the AMA officials brought down all brick and wooden structures in the area, leaving homeless hundreds of residents who wailed and rained insults on them for not giving them adequate time to prepare and relocate from the community.

They urged the Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive, Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, to come clean with his real intentions behind the exercise, saying that, destroying an entire community because of cholera was inexcusable.

“What they are doing is so unfair. How can you give someone only three days notice to prepare and relocate,” Sheikh Ahmed Okpoti, a spokesperson for the residents, told The Ghanaian Times.

He accused the AMA of having an ulterior motive for the exercise and hiding behind the cholera epidemic to evict the residents.

Sheikh Okpoti said some of the residents had been living in the community for decades and had made the place their permanent home, and wondered why the assembly would destroy their homes simply because of cholera.

The AMA has come under severe criticisms for the outbreak of cholera in the capital city. It been blamed for the filth in the various communities and slums.

In a related development, one person died from cholera at the Korle-Bu Polyclinic as at mid-day yesterday, while the number of cases kept rising.

A source at the hospital disclosed that 27 fresh cases were recorded on Wednesday, 42 on Thursday, and 20 as at mid-day yesterday.

At the time of the visit, the health workers were busily attending to the patients most of whom were lying on beds and benches, with drips on them.

The cholera epidemic have become a major health issue confronting the country. So far, over 11,700 cases had been recorded with more than 100 deaths.

More then 50 per cent of the total number of deaths has been recorded in the Greater Accra Region alone with close to 7,500 infections.

The number of cases kept rising, especially in the capital city, despite the numerous health campaigns by city authorities.

By Yaw Kyei 

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