There is no doubt that Ghana has established itself as a shining star on the African continent as far as democratic credentials are concerned. This explains why many people on the continent see Ghana as exemplary and desire to learn more from the country.

The country’s democracy is growing from strength to strength each passing day and also from one administration to the other.

When the country became independent in 1957, we did our best to tell the world that we are ready to move forward as a country.

In the years ahead, some mistakes were committed but we also worked hard to develop our country through the various phases we went through, namely, the second republic, the third and the current fourth republic.

The experience we have today as a nation tells us that within a few more years, Ghana will become a global giant in the area of democracy.

The historic meeting between the sitting president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and the three living former presidents is an experience that will never be forgotten by Ghanaians.

Many Ghanaians and other Africans tend to think that once your party is voted into power to form a government, it is up to the leadership of the party to manage things in the way they see best.

This belief has been modified to show the rest of the continent that coming to power does not necessarily mean neglecting all others and pushing them away from meaningful participation in the process of government.

Democracy is a process that involves each and everyone in the state. This means that as much as possible, the views of everyone ought to be utilised and included in the process of governance.

It is in the light of this that the meeting between President Akufo-Addo and the three former presidents ought to be seen as unique and an indication of the desire of the current leadership to push governance to a special level incomparable with times of the past.

The meeting is significant for a number of reasons. First of all, it shows that Ghanaians are prepared to come together as a people to govern their country in a peaceful manner.

Secondly, it shows that the current president is prepared to tap into the ideas of the three former presidents and make use of them in ensuring that the expectations of the people are met.

Thirdly, the meeting implies that the various factions in the country ought to come together for their common good since the three former presidents representing different political traditions have agreed to come together and share ideas with the sitting president.

A final point of significance is that, violence is something that must be eschewed by all citizens of this country.

The sharing of ideas can be exhibited in a peaceful manner without necessarily indulging in meaningless confrontation with each other and therefore, bringing about high tension, insecurity and possibly, uncertainty as well as chaotic situations that could be avoided by everyone if we become a little more careful.

Ghana’s behaviour on the democratic front is exemplary and has become the envy of all people in the world. It is expected that as often as possible, the former presidents will make themselves available to share ideas with the current president so as to be able to move this country forward at a faster pace.

Democracy belongs to each and every person in this country and for this reason, we must all resolve to be each other’s keeper and place the national interest above our personal parochial interest.

This way, we will be able to meet the expectations of our people within the shortest possible time as far as socio-economic development is concerned.




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