Media urged to educate public on party manifestos

Mr. Kyei Kwadwo Yamao(left)addressing the media during the briefing.Photo Victor A. Buxton (4)Friends of the Nation, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), has appealed to the media to educate the public on the manifestoes of the political parties contesting the 2016 elections.

Speaking at a press conference in Accra on Wednesday, the Programmes Coordinator for the group, Mr. Kyei Kwadwo Yamoah, said political parties seeking power refer to their manifestoes which could be used to assess their administration when they win elections.

He said this would make elections issue-based in the country to promote democracy and development.

According to Mr. Yamoah,  the NGO had decided to consecrate on the fishing communities.

He noted that the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress had dedicated portions of their manefestoes to the fishing sector, which require explanation to the fisher folk.

Mr. Yamoah noted that the fisheries industry contributes significantly towards the socio-cultural and economic development of the country, supporting food security, employment, poverty reduction and foreign exchange earnings.

He said weak governance of the fisheries sector could lead to a decline in marine fishery resources, conflicts, and unregulated fishing.

“We are doing this to ensure that future generations are offered the opportunity to enjoy an equal measure of utilisation of environmental functions whilst contributing to global environmental sustainability”, Mr. Yamoah said.


By Ernestina A Boateng



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