Media biased against women-NMC

The National Media Commission (NMC) has advocated more media coverage of topical issues in the country such as the increasing presence of women in politics instead of dwelling on trivialities.

According to the Executive Secretary of the NMC, George Sarpong, the media plays a crucial role in projecting a positive image of the country.

He made this known when he spoke on women empowerment programme, Women’s Manifesto last Tuesday during which he urged the media to give more coverage to women in politics.

“The media across the world, particularly in Ghana, is, in terms of ownership and leadership, heavily gender-biased against women,” Mr. Sarpong noted.

Mr. Sarpong noted that what excited media attention were conflict, drama and issues like that drive media content across the world which he termed macho elements.
“The kinds of things that are so muscular and so the critical issues that confront society that particularly women in leadership and women in public life tend to engage themselves with, like questions about development, education, health, sanitation are not the things that the media concern themselves with,” he said.
Mr. Sarpong said because they are not ‘the conflict’ and ‘the drama’ and, so, to that extent, the structure of the media and the content of media itself is biased.

He noted that leads to a certain attitude towards sourcing the material, and in sourcing the material, media tend to pursue those sources that are likely to play them along the lines of conflict, drama, violence, and issues like that.
Mr. Sarpong explained that the concern of the commission is that once this generally may explain the phenomenon, it does not entirely excuse the media because the programme – Women’s Manifesto – is a choice of a media house, so every media house has a certain degree of choice in determining who to source content and news from and how to handle questions of selection. –

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