McCarthy Hill, sitting on a time-bomb?

Dear Editor

Since the beginning of this year, a certain company has been excavating the western side of the McCarthy Hill at Oblogo, near the headquarters of the Ga South Municipal Assembly.

This sudden, irresponsible excavation of the hill has completely exposed quite a number of the houses built on the hill to a dangerous situation.

Thus, even the continuous heavy rainfall may cause the entire side of the hill slipping away with all the houses on it and burying those houses below it. The result will be a big catastrophe which the citizens living there will have to bear.

Geologically, the McCarthy Hill and its vicinity are directly exposed to earthquake activities due to the influence of the West African crater that runs from the Gulf of Guinea under the hill to the North of Africa.

The excavation of that part of the hill, therefore, weakens it so heavily that by any light earthquake, the entire hill will completely slip away with all the houses.

I and my family being also residents of the McCarthy Hill, approached the Ga South Municipal Assembly in the middle of April 2015 and complained about the danger all the houses on the western side of the McCarthy Hill, including ours, are exposed to due to the unlawful excavation of the hill.

A team of inspectors was asked to accompany us to inspect the site. Horribly and shocking enough, a member of the inspectors warned me that we could even be killed if we complained too loud about the issue.

In other words, the Assembly denies knowing who is doing that unlawful job, but doesn’t want any body to complain about it. Incredible!

When I asked who the killers could be, he just answered: “the chief and his land-guards”. Is Ghana now a lawless country? I asked him and he kept mute.

However, people living around the unlawful quarry have observed the trucks of a Chinese company at the site and that even some of their vehicles packed on the compound of the Ga South Municipal Assembly. Incredible!

Sir, we would like to request that you open up this matter to the public in your newspaper so that the residents will be alerted so as to avoid any serious future disaster.

In view of a possible attack on me and my family, I would like to request you to keep my identity secret. Attached kindly find some photos of the site indicating how the houses on the hill are endangered due to the excavation of the hill.

A concerned resident, MacCarthy Hill, Ga South, Accra.

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