Mayweather Held Ex-Lover At Gun Point …Court Papers Reveal

MayweatherFloyd Mayweather is alleged to have subjected his ex-fiancee to years of torment through physical and emotional abuse, court papers have revealed.

The undefeated five-divison world champion is accused of battering, blackmailing, imprisoning and stealing from his former lover Shantel Jackson.

Mayweather, who is set to fight Marcos Maidana this weekend, now faces a trial by jury after his ex filed the explosive lawsuit.

The 29-year-old model announced she was suing Mayweather last week, claiming at a press conference that he beat her and invaded her privacy by posting a picture of an ultrasound scan online and announcing that they broke up because she aborted their twin babies.

But in a sensational court documents the full extent of the boxer’s tumultuous on-off eight year relationship with the beauty is laid bare in painful detail.

Shantel says she suffered years of hell at the hands of Mayweather, 37, whose ‘outrageous acts’ caused her ‘pain and humiliation’.

During one argument, he allegedly choked and twisted her arm, while in another he held her at gun point and threatened to shoot her.

He also kept her ‘prisoner’ in his Las Vegas home, threatened to publish naked pictures he had secretly taken of her while she slept and stole thousands of dollars worth of belongings from her, her court filings claim..

And in raging verbal attacks he called her a ‘bum’ and a ‘bitch’ telling her, ‘You’re not shit without me. I made you who you are.’

Shantel is seeking unspecified damages from Mayweather for battery, assault, defamation, invasion of privacy, false imprisonment, harassment and infliction of emotional distress.

The case is due to be tried by jury in Los Angeles, and expected to last seven days, court papers show.

Stunning Shantel met the boxer in 2006 when she was aged 21 and working as a hostess at an event in Atlanta, Georgia.

The pair began dating and soon after Mayweather asked her to move in with him in Las Vegas.

The boxer, who was last year named the highest paid athlete of the year by Forbes, showered her with gifts including a 17 carat diamond worth $2,500,000, over 100 designer handbags and masses of designer clothing.

He also lavished her with ‘substantial cash gifts’ and allowed her to use his credit card.

However, Mayweather soon became very controlling and Shantel had to ‘make herself available to him virtually at all times’ and was not allowed to work, according to the lawsuit filed on Thursday at the Superior Court of California.

Shantel, who changed her last name to ‘Jackson-Mayweather’ at the boxing champion’s request, stood by her man when he was jailed in 2012 for a domestic violence attack in which he twisted ex-girlfriend Josie Harris’s arm in front of two of their young children.

But just days after his release from prison, Mayweather allegedly lashed out at her in almost the same way as he had attacked his ex.

The court papers state that during a jealous rage, the undefeated boxer twisted Shantel’s arm, then ‘choked her and forcibly took her phone away from her to look through it.’

Just a week later Mayweather begged for forgiveness and promised ‘he would never assault her again’ the documents continue.

Some time later, while Shantel was working in Los Angeles in August, she claims Mayweather asked her for the security code for the home she owned in Las Vegas – which she had kept when she moved in with the boxer and used to store lots of her belongings.

When she returned she says ‘all of her expensive clothing accessories and personal items’ had been taken.

As alleged in her court papers, Mayweather – also known as ‘Money’ – then admitted he had taken her things as a ‘test to see how important these possessions were to her’.

He eventually returned the property in October and promised to change his behavior but problems in the relationship continued and Shantel decided to leave Mayweather in early 2013 and move to Los Angeles.


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