Mayweather booed at Basketball game

MayweatherFloyd Mayweather made a tonne of money while winning his fight with Manny Pacquiao, but he also came away from it as arguably the country’s biggest sports villain.

The seemingly never-ending buildup to the event allowed for plenty of interest to mount, but it also gave media outlets plenty of time to run stories wondering why more was not being made of the undefeated fighter’s woman-beating history.

Add in Mayweather’s uber-crass, money-obsessed persona and a defensive fighting style that only boxing nerds find exciting, and voila! You have a man likely to get booed when his image is shown at a basketball arena’s overhead monitor.

Such was the case Wednesday, during Game 5 of the Warriors-Grizzlies playoff series. The Golden State crowd, always up for making noise of some sort, treated Mayweather as if he was the mayor of Memphis.

Mayweather was sitting by the Grizzlies’ bench, near the scorers’ table. He reportedly shelled out $36,000 for four prime seats, including a couple for his personal security crew.

Of course, when you’re “Money” Mayweather, you can spend more on a few tickets to a game than most people do on a new car — and still show up late. The fact that the boxer sauntered in well after the crucial playoff game had begun could not have endeared him to the home crowd.

Another measure of Mayweather’s unpopularity was the online reaction to a post by the Warriors’ official Twitter account welcoming the boxer to the arena. At last count, there were over 125 direct replies to this tweet, the vast majority indicating a high degree of disapproval.

Of course, the fact that there are a lot of people who strongly do not like Mayweather means that there are a lot of people with a strong opinion about the boxer, and that’s exactly what he is counting on. As far as he’s concerned, folks are welcome to buy his pay-per-views, hoping to see him get his smiling face bashed in.

— The Washington Post

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