Mawuli Old Students present trophies to school

MawuliThe 1991 year group of the Old Mawuli Students’ Union (OMSU) on Saturday donated two trophies and a set of jerseys to the basketball team of their alma mater at a ceremony on the campus.

This coincided with the 2016 OMSU Congress and also the 25th anniversary of the year group.

A spokesman for the group, Mrs Vivian Myles-Mills, said that the gesture was to promote sports in the school as well as the physical wellbeing of the students.

The group also donated 15 bedsheets to the Mawuli School Clinic and also 35 bed sheets to the Ho Municipal Hospital as part of the celebrations.

The headmaster, Mr T. K. Aggor, said at the congress that the school was touched and grateful for the various support it enjoys from the old students.


From Alberto Mario Noretti, Ho

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