Maurice ‘Forgives’ A-Plus

a-plusPEOPLE waiting to see outcome of the legal tussle between Maurice Ampaw, a legal practitioner, and controversial hiplife musician and comedian, A- plus, known in private life as Kwame Asare Obeng, will be disappointed, as the two parties have settled the case out of court.

The legal practitioner sued the musician for GH¢1 million for posting comments on his facebook wall which the lawyer claimed were defamatory.

A-Plus had written a letter addressed to Dr. Ampaw on his Facebook wall criticising him for not disclosing the whereabouts of Castro and Janet Bandu, in breach of an earlier promise to do so by a certain date, and describing him as  “Dumb”.
The case was first called on November 3, and adjourned to November 14.

But before the next adjourned date, the two met at the weekend at the Aviation Social Centre at a birthday party of the daughter of A Plus’ lawyer, Gary Nimako Marfo, and announced that they had settled the matter amicably.

A-Plus and lawyer Ampaw hugged each other and chatted heartedly after which they decided to withdraw the case from court.
Speaking exclusively to Times Weekend, the plantiff, Maurice Ampaw, said he had filed a notice of discontinue to officially inform the court of their decision to settle the matter out of court.

He said since his good friend, Gary Nimako, was the counsel for A-Plus, and approached him to reconsider his stand he felt there was no need “fighting”, especially as the, musician had shown remorse.
“I have agreed to settle the matter out of court; there is no need to continue,” Maurice Ampaw happily said.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme    


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